1st-5th Grade

Welcome to ECHO. It’s a fun place for elementary kids, where their natural sense of DISCOVERY is evoked and fueled. During these years your child thinks like a scientist, is motivated by fun and is attracted to real stories. They also know a lot about trust since they depend on parents and others for their daily needs. This means they are primed to ‘trust’ at this age more than adults are. ECHO is designed to leverage all this, to teach kids that they can trust God’s character by engaging them in fun activities as well as introducing them to the real stories of the Bible.

ECHO is a small group environment where kids discovery biblical truths in the context of relationships.

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May Parent Cue:
1-3 Grades, 4-5 Grades

God Time Cards: May
1st Grade: Week 1 2 3 4

2nd & 3rd Grade: Week 1 2 3 4

4th & 5th Grade: Week 1 2 3 4