We've only just begun to see the fruit of a five year plan known as 2020 Vision. It's a personal invitation from God to join him in reproducing healthy disciples, families, and even churches. South Park Church's mission is to:

Walk with God
People leave corporate worship in awe of God and hungry for more.
A visual path of walking with God helps people identify their current step and take their next step.
Opportunities for transformational growth are recognized, seized, and celebrated through milestones that span cradle to grave.

Connect as Family
Every guest receives personalized follow-up.
Every regular attender is active in a small group.
Every leader has a Paul (coach/mentor) and a Timothy (apprentice)

Love Others in Jesus' Name
Intentional relationships are developed with outsiders to build bridges between the community and church.
Strategic partnerships change the conversation about what it means to be a Christian.
Churches are renewed throughout Chicagoland and beyond as we embrace our calling as a sending church. 

God is far from finished!
As we enter 2017, we are on the verge of another defining moment. 2020 Vision outlines our long-term plan, and UNFINISHED identifies the steps we can take now, over the next two years. Every time we say yes to an invitation from God, we come to know him by experience, and that is what UNFINISHED is all about. God has begun a good work, but it is unfinished. So what next? It is going to be an adventure led by the Lord that will the best out of us over the coming two years. 

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