South Park Church Nominations

The Nominating Committee invites you to make recommendations of members to serve in the position of Elder, Trustee, and Financial Secretary, replacing those who will complete their term.

To make a nomination, download the form(s) below and email to Will at or return it to the Welcome Center or church office, or fill out the form found below.

Elder Nomination Form

Treasurer/Financial Secretary Form



Elders shall:*
1. be a member of South Park Church for a minimum of 3 years,
2. have demonstrated servant leadership within the church,
3. be of godly character consistent with New Testament standards for church leaders in general, and elders in particular,
4. have demonstrated competency through education or experience in biblical knowledge and interpretation, shepherding, discernment and wisdom, and conflict management,
5. have traits and experiences complimentary to the other elders, and
6. be approved by a vote of the membership. 

Treasurer*: A Trustee and church officer and chair of the Finance Team.
1. custodian of church funds, preparing budgets, financial statements, projections and reviewing insurance policies.  
2. Time commitment is 5 hours per month.
3. Term is 2 years.

Financial Secretary*: A member of the Finance Team and Trustees. 
1. responsible for the accounting entry of church contributions including the receipt and deposit of all church funds and the annual statement to each giver.
2. Time commitment is 3.5 hours per week.
3. Term is 2 years.

*Characteristic/qualifications: commitment to excellence in managing resources to support the ministry of the church. (1 Timothy 3:2-7 and Titus 1:6-9)

South Park Church Nomination Form

Use the form below to submit your nominations. You may recommend more than one person and you do not have to be a member to make a recommendation. You may also recommend yourself.