Baptism has been practiced by followers of Jesus around the world for thousands of years.

It has served an essential function in worship among people in all kinds of settings, cultures, and circumstances. Baptisms are occasions when the gathered church hears stories of how Jesus is changing lives. It is a time for us to announce that the old had gone and the new has come. It’s a time to celebrate rebirth and new life in Christ.

The next baptism will be on Easter Sunday, April 12 during the 9 or 11 a.m. services. 

If you would like to be baptized at the next baptism here are the steps:

  1. Register using this form so that we can contact you.
  2. Listen to the messages below to gain a Biblical understanding of baptism.
    Ten Reasons You Should Be Baptized 
    Immersed in Christ
    Download the Preparation Packet
  3. Meet with a mentor (set up by a pastor) who will help you prepare for this special day.
  4. Be baptized, celebrating with the church, your family, and friends!