Welcome to Children's Ministry!

We are excited that you’re considering being our guests.

We believe in leveraging a parent’s natural influence and partnering with you to help you raise Godly children. We make learning fun! Your child will love being with us and so will you! Every Sunday, we’ll teach your children age appropriate biblical truths in a way that sticks and makes sense to them. However, we know that what happens at home has a greater impact on your child than what we teach at Church. For this reason we will provide weekly tools to help you create teachable moments to help you fight for your child’s heart. We’re confident that if church and home combined their influences and worked on the same thing using the same strategy, we can make a BIG impact on your child.

We want you to feel comfortable before you drop off your children at South Park Church. So, here are the ‘top 4’ list of tips and info on how to make the most of your time should you decide to check us out:

1. Arrive 20 minutes early
Some things just take longer than you think! If you have a toddler, you know what I mean. Park and proceed through the main doors, and up the stairs to the Welcome Center. One of our greeters will direct you to our preschool and elementary environments. Honestly, it’s hard to miss! Your kids will know exactly where to go…the space is full of color, kids and excitement.

2. Save time
Save time, by pre-registering today! We will have your name tags ready for you. 

3. Check them in
Our Check-in centers for kids are located in each of their environments. The first weekend you attend, you will fill out a form listing all pertinent information regarding your child (name, address, phone number, allergies). If you have a nursery or preschool age child, he or she will be assigned a unique number. A name tag for you and each of your children will be issued which will allow you access into our secured Wonderland environment.

4. What to Expect
We only have one hour with your child and that’s why we’re intentional about designing stories and activities that engage them at their specific age level. Unless you have twins, each of your kids will be with their own class or group. We’re also big on safety. All our volunteers are screened and trained. People with proper identification are the only ones allowed to enter during and after the services.

For more information e-mail Kal and visit us on Facebook at SPC Kids


 Kal Otis
Teresa Sweitzer 

Teresa Sweitze

Teresa Sweitze