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Coronavirus Update - Monday, March 16

This weekend we saw many changes in the Coronavirus pandemic but Pastor Eric reminded us Sunday to "Be Still and Know... " If you missed yesterday's message visit our facebook page or

Serving Others
Our number one priority now is to serve others.  But that will (and should) look very different than we expect.  

Where serving others usually means getting proximate, in this instance we need to get creative and provide what others need by keeping our physical distance.   

There are clear guidelines communicated for both those helping and those receiving care and they will be communicated with each connection. 

If you are helping your neighbors, please do AT LEAST the following when helping others.  

 If you are delivering things to people:

·      Use hand sanitizer immediately before handing over the products

·      Wear gloves if you have them

·      Leave the items at the door 

·      Use hand sanitizer immediately after

 Social Distancing
We are asking you to limit physical interaction with those outside of your immediate family.  This means not meeting with others even in small groups.  The CDC recommends a 6 foot distance between any individual that you are not living with.  Even when getting a small group together it would be hard to keep that distance between people.  

 By limiting exposure to even individuals without symptoms, we are ensuring we can stay healthy and help the most vulnerable. 

There are many articles about social distancing.  Here is one from NPR.

Worship and Ministries
No events or ministries are happening in the church building until further notice.  All Friday night and Sunday Morning Services will be online until further notice.  We encourage your small groups to meet online and on the phone.  

Staying Connected
Connect with others through texting and phone calls. Share how you are feeling! Maintain healthy relationships.  Let’s use technology and social media for good purposes - support one another and show that we care for one another.   We will be “hanging out” in the South Park Church Facebook Group.  Click here to join!

Sharing a Need
Remember, we want to know if you have a need!  That includes just needing to connect with someone by phone!  Email or call 847-825-5507 and press 1.

Coronavirus Update - Saturday, March 14

The Wellness Team has decided to suspend the meeting of ministries in the South Park Church building until further notice. But this doesn’t mean that ministry stops! In fact, this allows us to redirect our energy, both as a staff and congregation, to minister to the needs of others, open our schedules and eyes to opportunities we don’t yet know of, and find creative ways to connect and do ministry online.

Sunday Service will be streamed online at 9:15 a.m. 

If you can’t join us live you can watch anytime! All streamed services are saved and available on our Facebook page and website at You can also watch them through the app!

Friday’s Contemplating Christ Lenten Services are online. Did you miss last night’s? It was incredible! Go back and watch it here: and fast forward to 10:50 for the beginning of the service.

Staff will be working off-site but the general voicemail will be checked often 7 days a week.

If you want to help care for others or contribute to the care fund, fill out this form.

If you have a need, email or call 847-825-5507, press 1 and leave a message.

As we promised, we will continue to communicate with you through email, the app, our website, the message on our church phone, and automated calls for those with limited access to technology.

We don’t need to be isolated during this time. Let’s “gather together” virtually, care for others tangibly, and praise God continually. 

Church Office is Closed

  • Beginning Friday, March 13, the church office is closed until further notice.  
  • Staff will be working remotely and only in the building to prepare for/open and host ministries. 
  • The general voicemail will be checked several times a day. 
  • You can contact staff through their email or by leaving a voicemail on their direct line.

    These efforts will allow us to practice the recommended social distancing while still remaining committed to ministry during this time.

Caring for Others

In the event that someone in our congregation/community is under quarantine at home, we are putting together a team that can help with tangible needs such as making phone calls/prayer, dropping off groceries or other necessities.

Visit this form to indicate ways you would like to help out during this time or to give to the care fund.

We encourage you to look for ways you can care for your neighbors.

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