Family Dedication is a time when parents publicly express their commitment to raise their child in a home that honors Christ.

Dedication isn’t about ONE DAY but rather a choice to dedicate your lives, as parents, to sharing and modeling the Truth of the Bible and the love of Christ. It’s about making a commitment to raise your children in an environment that leads their hearts to God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Like a baptism, it’s a public declaration; but unlike baptism, the parents are making the choice. Jesus modeled a choice in being baptized and we believe your children get to make that choice for themselves when they are older.

Family Dedication ceremonies typically happen two times a year during our worship services on Sunday morning. We encourage participating families to plan an intimate time with their invited friends and family following the dedication event to celebrate and share their intentions.

Who may dedicate a child?

Anyone who is making the choice to commit their life to modeling the ways of Jesus and the Bible to their child, or children, is welcome. If you are the only parent who is a follower of Christ, or you are a single parent, we welcome you to be part of a Family Dedication ceremony. There are no restrictions as to the age of the child being dedicated.

What are the requirements to participate in Family Dedication?

In order to take part in this event, parents are required to attend 2 classes to prepare themselves for this very significant milestone in their and their child's life. It is our opportunity to begin partnering with you as you raise your child at South Park Church.

2020 Session Dates:

Class: Sunday, February 23 at 9:15 a.m.

Family Dedication Event: Sunday, May 10 (during services)

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