The opportunity to launch your child into the adult world is never as clear as it is on that first day of college.

There is often a sigh of relief (that they made it!), hope for their future (that they’ll make it!), with a little knot in your stomach called fear (that they won’t make it!).

For some, there is a sense of loss as they leave the “nest”, maybe forever. For others, the launch to young adulthood and greater independence is marked by a ministry year, or attending college locally,moving into the workforce or training for a skilled trade. Whatever the “launch” looks like, it is a significant milestone in life. It marks the end of high school and a way of life that has been in place for years, and marks the beginning of a new level of independence and adulthood.

So, we want to partner with you and send your young adult into adulthood in a way that honors God, your child, your values, and celebrates this monumental moment with him or her. 

One way we plan partnering with you to create a meaningful milestone is to help you as well as your student prepare for this next phase by offering the following.

Launch Lunches 

Launch lunches: 
These are designed to prepare your student on topics that are critical to a successful launch. We strongly suggest you mark your calendar to ensure he or she attend all four lunches since each of them address unique topics. 

Launch Parent Class 
Spring TBA
Preparing for Transition: 
Parents are invited to attend a class designed to anticipate and prepare for what’s ahead. 

Church Visits 

How to Pick a Church: 
Finding a solid Christian community in any university setting is essential for your student to be ‘motivated and ‘encouraged’ to keep and spread faith. Too often incoming Christian college freshmen get involved in the wrong circle, which impacts their faith. Church visits are designed to help your student understand the importance of belonging to a Christian community and gain tips on how to pick a church. Your student will visit two churches, followed by a time of debriefing. 

Missions Trip
Mission Trip:
We want to inspire our students to gain a heart for God’s people and the church before they leave for college. Studies show that students who engage in missions while in high school deepen their walk with God and are less likely to abandon their faith. We would like to see every student go on a mission’s trip at least once before they leave High-school.

Senior Celebration 
Senior Celebration:
Join us as the family ministry staff and your student’s leader pray over and bless him or her as he or she launch into adulthood. Meet our young adult ministry staff and leaders as they welcome them into their new community.

Here are a few resources to help make the launch with your child a meaningful milestone. You may have ideas of your own that you have found helpful. But if you are stuck, unsure what to say or do, click below for some guidelines and options to consider.

Launch Parent Resources