Nick Coffman
nick coffman

Nick Coffman


Nicholas Coffman joined the staff as a Pastoral Intern in August of 2019 and will primarily understudy Pastors Eric and Kevin to experience pastoral ministry. Assignments will include experiential learning, teaching classes, hosting worship services, among other things. Nick is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry and has a passion for outreach. Nick's mission is to share unity in Christ beyond denominational borders and encourage disciples to find their image in Christ. He is married to Sheree and is the father of Acacio, Triniti, Koa, and Isabela. By the grace of God, Nick is the 2016 Chicago Golden Gloves Champion, 165 Masters Division. 

Studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Strength and Conditioning coach, National Endurance and Sports Trainers Association
Former Air Traffic Controller, United States Marine Corps