Print To Meaning Registration

Bible Presentation (Print to Meaning) is designed for all 1st graders and their parents. We're excited about partnering with you during this very significant milestone in your child's life. As your child moves into first grade, he or she will discover the joy of reading on his or her own - PRINT now has MEANING! We want kids to make their Bible a book they read everyday and a book they learn to treasure as the source of life and all wisdom. We will talk about some of the tools, you as a parent, can develop to make the Bible fun as well as faith skills you can include in your family's daily routine. 

On Sunday, August 13, 2017, at the 9:15 am and 10:45 a.m. we will have a special Milestone Celebration Worship Service. During this time the incoming 1st graders at South Park Church will be presented with a Bible so that they could begin reading it together with their family and learn about Jesus. 

In order to participate in this Bible presentation ceremony, please complete our online Print to Meaning registration form by July 16, 2017. Parents and their first graders are also required to attend the Print to Meaning Milestone Class in order to participate.  This class is scheduled for Saturday, July 29 (10 am to Noon). There is a $25/child registration fee to cover the cost of the Bible, cover and class supplies. 

Contact Pastor Kal at for more info.