About Solid Rock Carpenters

Solid Rock Carpenters was started in 2005 in response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. The need was great and the enthusiasm to help was even greater. As a result, individuals and families began to volunteer annually in the Gulf Region, and now over 3,000 friends and family volunteer nationwide throughout the year.

Locally, SRC has worked with community leaders, churches and ministries assisting in building and repair projects, including here at South Park Church. Their resources of volunteers and skilled leadership have been instrumental in providing communities in need with new homes, home restoration, playgrounds, beds for homeless shelters, barns, fences and many other necessary repairs. 

Throughout the past 11 years, SRC has organized 50 traveling volunteer teams serving those less fortunate.


Upcoming Events

Solid Rock Holiday Trip
December 26-30, 2017, Johnson City, TN

SRC will be returning to Johnson City, the week after Christmas working to complete the homes started months before - preparing them for the homeowners to enjoy!  This is a family friendly trip and hope you will consider joining us at this special time of the year to share our gifts and time with 3 special families. ** Participants 18 yrs of age or younger must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. Projects will vary and SRC will do its best engaging all skill levels!

While in Johnson City we will be graciously hosted by a local church in Johnson City.

Work Days – Wed, Dec 27– Fri, Dec 29th (Arrivals Tues, Dec 26th - Departures Saturday, Dec 30th)

Cost  - $225 per person - families with more than 3 registrants - $175 per person
(Includes - Lodging, food, and all working materials, as well as a real nifty T-shirt)

Transportation to/from Johnson City is on your own.  (approx 10hr drive from Chicago)

To secure your spot on this trip, complete this online registration form.

Send check payments (payable to Solid Rock Carpenters) and to:
SRC – ASP TN Registration
Attn: Paula Mack
8735 W Higgins Ave Ste 300
Chicago, IL 60631

Questions?  Please contact Paula Mack at 
pmack@connect2amc.com or 847-375-4791.