Mission of the Trustees

The Trustees at South Park Church are charged with overseeing the legal and financial affairs of the church as well as providing for the maintenance and security of all church facilities. Any new construction or facility renovation is also led by the Trustees.

The Trustees are currently comprised of the Chairman, who presides over congregational meetings, Vice Chairman and Secretary, who presides over the personnel team, Treasurer, who acts as custodian and steward for all church funds, Financial Secretary, who is responsible for receipt and deposit of all funds,and a Trustee at-large, who provides guidance and counsel on facility maintenance.

In summary, the Trustees support the mission of our church by overseeing the business aspects of its operation.

Our Trustees

Steve Hands, Chairman: smhands@nualumni.com

Deb Byers, Treasurer: spc.treasurer.dlb@gmail.com

Scott Engle, Lori Olson, John Heavey, and Diane Thorne.