Who We Are

Our mission is to help people walk with God, connect as family, and love people in Jesus’ name.

Those who come see this lived out in a variety of ways. We welcome people warmly from the moment they walk in the door. We treasure God’s Word. We prioritize relationships in small groups. We partner with families to disciple the next generation. We get involved with innovative outreach ministries. And we repeatedly remind each other that we are dearly loved brothers and sisters in God’s family.

Our Vision

Our 5-year plan is called 2020 Vision. It is a personal invitation from God to join him in reproducing healthy disciples, families, and even churches. Organized around our mission statement, it includes the following:

  1. Walk with God

    • People leave corporate worship in awe of God and hungry for more.

    • A visual path of walking with God helps people identify their current step and take their next step.

    • Opportunities for transformational growth are recognized, seized, and celebrated through milestones that span cradle to grave.

  2. Connect as family

    • Every guest receives personalized follow-up.

    • Every regular attender is active in a small group.

    • Every leader has a Paul (coach/mentor) and a Timothy (apprentice)

  3. Love people in Jesus’ name

    • Intentional relationships are developed with outsiders to build bridges between the community and church.

    • Strategic partnerships change the conversation about what it means to be a Christian.

    • Churches are renewed throughout Chicagoland and beyond as we embrace our calling as a sending church.

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2020 Vision outlines our long-term plan, and UNFINISHED identifies the steps we are taking now (2017-2018). We’ve only just begun to see the fruit of the 2020 vision that includes:

What would happen if everyone in our church had clarity about their next step of obedience to Christ? Imagine the joy and power that would be unleashed as we took those steps together. It could start a movement that stretches way beyond our walls.

What if we equipped individuals and families for life’s toughest transitions? Imagine people catapulted forward in faith through the celebration of key milestones. We could be known in our community as the church that really cares for people and families.

What if we worked together like never before to invite, welcome, and include people from our neighborhoods into our church family? Imagine the joy we will share as people and new life in Christ!

What if we were ready to say YES to whatever God brings our way? New opportunities will emerge: expanded worship service options, training and sending next generation leaders, greater involvement with outreach partners, and contributing to revival among churches on the north side of Chicago.

Further Resources:

South Park Church Constitution - explains how our church is structured and responsibilities are shared
Relational Commitments - explains how the gospel applies to relationships including marriage and church membership