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Cathy Gregg Barthel

Cathy Gregg Barthel

Cathy Gregg Barthel

How did you become a Christian?
The Spirit so clearly orchestrated this. I was invited to a play at Willow and started attending there. I heard about a personal relationship with Jesus, more than just knowing about him, and decided I wanted and needed that relationship!

How long have you been at SPC?
Since the mid 80's, with a couple years off.

Why are you drawn to the role of Elder?
David says the Lord's decrees are more precious than gold and he is right. The Word is our treasure. I'm humbled at the prospect of watching over the spiritual integrity of SPC.

What is your favorite Bible verse or story?

Just one?
I like the verses about the Lord making my path straight, staying on the straight path and not going to the right or the left.

Where are you involved through SPC?
We love Sunday worship and teaching. I'm part of the 3rd Quarter team, a women's small group, a couples small group, and serve in the Cafe.

What is a fun fact about you?
I love garage sales and have gone to "The World's Longest Garage Sale" from Cincinnati to Alabama. But I only made it through part of Tennessee. Email


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