Mission of the Elders

The Elders at South Park Church are charged with overseeing the affairs of the church and are the final authority within the church. They are charged with guarding the Biblical integrity of all who lead and all who teach. In addition to the oversight of leadership, they are responsible for guarding the vision of the church and developing all policies and procedures regarding: the membership process, matters of church discipline, Position Papers and the search, hiring and termination processes for all members of the pastoral staff.

We love to be a big part of promoting our walk with God, connecting as family, and loving others in Jesus’ name.

Praying for You

The elders want to pray for you when you have a need. The Bible says, “Are any of you sick? You should call for the elders of the church to come and pray over you” (James 5:14). This can happen in your home, nursing home, hospital, or at church. They are also available to bring you communion. To arrange, please email Jesse, Director of Care, or give him a call at (847) 825-5507 x125.

Contact the Elders

You can contact the Elders if you have personal concerns about the welfare of the church. Information from you will only be seen by elders and will be kept in confidence. Click here if you have personal prayer needs.

Contact the Elders

Our Elders