Unseries: Verses Marty Likes

Good and Faithful Servants

Pastor Martin Crain
(Matthew 25:14 – 30) At the end of a believer’s earthly life, we want to be greeted with grand approval by Jesus. Yet, Jesus teaches in this parable that such a greeting cannot be assumed. A study of the parable demonstrates that we do not become good and faithful because of our fruitfulness, but that our fruitfulness for his glory is rooted in a good and faithful relationship with him.
Sunday, July 31, 2022



Unseries: Verses Marty Likes

Because summer often engenders sporadic opportunity for worship for many along with occasional guest speakers, this “Unseries” will not have a consistent biblical book or overarching theme to the messages. Rather Pastor Marty is choosing passages of Scripture that have been especially meaningful for him over the years, and the expectation is that guest speakers will take a similar approach.

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